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1. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
Very Hard question, cause I interact with a LOT of media. Can I have one from each? Pwease? :3
TV - Most likely Mal from Firefly. I love his cheeky nature, but he'd probably go all distant and 'You're too young to know what you're on with woman'
FILM - Probably Sam Bell from the film Moon. He's a complete wuss but I love him. And the guy who plays him has the same birthday as me XD
ANIME - Tough choice between Kamina from TTGL (Although he'd be exactly like Mal) and Death the Kid from Soul Eater. He's so cute and lost yet gets serious when he needs to. GIVE HIM TO ME.
MANGA - Revy from Black Lagoon. She's just ANGRY. If I could have the abilities of anybody it would be her. Cause's she's awesome in every way 0.e
BOOK - Ani from The Goose Girl or Thirrin from Cry of the Icemark. They're both very strong characters facing a sudden change in their surroundings.

2. What would you do if this character came to life suddenly in your home?
Oh dear God. Well Mal, Death the Kid and Revy all wield guns so would probably start the sexiest gun fight in the history of humanity. Sam would cry in a corner because he's fragile and I'm pretty sure Ani and Thirrin would just stare at each other out of sheer suprise and suspicioun since their stories are quite similar in terms of setting. Kamina would stand next to me at the doorway, me drooling, and just be like Wha....?

3. What's your favorite place in the whole wide world?
I sound so greedy, especially after picking 7 characters instead of 1, but I actually have two favourite places >.<
One is a beach down in Devon, near the caravan park we used to stay in as kids. If you visit the beach at night when its dark its absolutly magical, because no one is there and its just so quiet and peaceful. Makes me cry whenever I visit it =')
Second is Basically the Isle of Lewis. Wherever you go there just seems to have no people and the light is perfect! I'd live there one day if I wasn't stepping towards a job I need a city for. >.<

4. If you could try anything illegal and completely get away with it, what would it be and why?
Hmmmmmm..... *Slow smile* Its unlikely, merely because my guilt alone would act as my BRAIN POLICE, but I think I'd like to steal a wooden ship. Like a pirate ship. So I can go a-pirating. With an eyepatch. And crew.

5. Are you listening to music? If so, who's the artist? :3
I'm listening to Two Steps From Hell right now, they do mainly soundtracky things and its giving me some real ideas towards a future idea X3

6. If you had to pick between cheesecake and regular cake, which would you choose?
Really hard question cause I don't like cheesecake, and the only cake I like is fruitcake and chocolate cake. So..... cake?

Sorry :C  - I love milk <3

8. What are your favorite kind of socks?
I got some new stripy ones recently :3  I LOVE THEM

9. What's your favorite style of dress? And I don't mean like a dress-dress... Like outfits?
I'd like to wear more FOB fashion, (CAUSE I'M CRAZY) but I have no money and I suck at being a girl in any aspect. My general outfits are jeans and a baggy T-shirt. Usually my brother's t-shirts. Cause I steal all of his clothes =/ (One day I'll wake up and I'll be a boy)

10. Did you enjoy this? Do you enjoy Snape? Do you enjoy unicorns? Do you enjoy Watson?
It was fun! I haven't done one of these in while!
I love Snape! <3 He's the only Potter Character I'd marry me thinks. Seen the last film? CUTE AS HELL
Unicorns are only good as robots. And when Attacking.
Sherlock's Watson? He's my mum.

I TAG...

I'd like to tag MissD cause she'll look at this, but since I got this from her..... I can't.

OH YEAH! I got into University XD (Bit quiet about it but...... I'm cool. I can do that 0.- )

  • Mood: Happy Tears
  • Listening to: Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of Earth
  • Watching: Match of the Day. WTF?!
  • Playing: FF7 (Racing my brother to complete it)
  • Eating: Insides.


Kirsty 'ImmaCrazyPerson'
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Nottingham, England
Skin of choice: Human XD
Favourite cartoon character: The Dark Ace ^^
Personal Quote: I'll have Pizza with extra pizza!

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I miss seeing your art! How's it been da?
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Hey Miss D! Sorry I've not been around much - Uni work's been keeping me busy like you wouldn't believe.
How are you? x
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S'all good! I'm sure, it sounds really busy. I've been alright, drawing and writing like crazy though xDDD Long story behind that. You?
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Just making films and generally being pretty awesome XD

I don't want this to sound like a super creepy question, but is there any other way I can keep in contact with you Miss D? I hardly ever come on here now and I miss our constant ramblings. ITS MAKING ME SAD <3
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thanks for the fave!
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